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Jan 27, 2020

New Gadgets & Travel Products from CES 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show 2020
& best upcoming travel tech gadgets

WALL-E world is coming closer to reality. Segway introduced its newest product, S-Pod, that has a lot of resemblance to the hoverchairs from Disney's movie.

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Image: Disney

The S-Pod has a similar seat structure and looks to the concept chair, plus it has the wheels currently for transportation rather than hovering.

Phonak unveiled Virto Black at CES: a fully-connected hearing aid shaped like earphones. 

Image via

It has universal Bluetooth streaming, hands-free phone calls, and enhances hearing experience via the myPhonak app. The best part of the design is that it does not look like a hearing aid. As far as others around you concerned, you are wearing earphones just like most people listening to music or podcasts. This might get more people to sign on to wearing a hearing device than regular old versions.

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Jabra Elite Active 75t

Another competitor to the Apple AirPods, these buds from Jabra promise battery life of over 20 hours with the charging case and exceptional sound quality. These earphones are essentially waterproof and will survive sweat and likely a splash in the pool. Available in three colors (except AirPods white) and is extremely light to wear and carry.

Jabra Elite 45h Wireless Headphones are under $100

Bosch Virtual Vehicle Visor moves to block the sun while you’re driving
While these sound interesting for the concept to help out drivers to protect their vision and increase visibility, they do not seem very functional. It is more of an #offbeat travel gadget. Sun in the eyes is a problem for many drivers and many fender benders occur due to low visibility that is created by the sun in the driver's eyes. Though I feel the large screen and always shifting shadow block would be more distracting than helpful. The device is supposed to track the driver's movements and eyes position. As a driver, my eyes move around a lot while I am driving and the roads I am on are neither straight nor flat. This might create a lot of movement of the shadow feature that makes it not as useful.

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