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Jul 27, 2020

Weekend Family Travel - Baby Gadgets & Essentials

family travel baby gadgets essentials

Family Travel with Baby, What to Pack

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What to pack when traveling with a baby? It is a top question when getting ready for a short family outing or a longer family vacation. You want to make sure that you have all of the essentials with you to make the baby comfortable and your life a bit easier. We have not had this question in a bit, though we do now once again ;)

Below are some of the baby travel gadgets and accessories that we take with us on just about every trip. Most of these have been tried and tested from the first kiddo and some are new or upgraded versions that we have found out as we were searching for new travel arsenal.

Let us know what essentials do you usually pack for your kids?

For Car Trips

We have both car seats on top of these car seat protectors to ensure that the actual car seats are in good shape after we stop using kids' seats. 

The car seat for the older one we have is the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Car Seat. It is a seat that is growing with her. As soon as she was too long to fit in the infant car seat, she has been in this one. It is still comfortable for her as it has adjustable padding and is cushioned. 

Chicco KeyFit 30 has been the infant car seat of choice for us. Both first one and second are riding in the KeyFit. Though we did had to get a new one for the boy as we have given the other away.

Once we arrive, we unload the bags, games, barbecue essentials, toys, and so on. If our family day trip is a hike, we always have the Ergobaby carrier with us. It is very comfortable to carry, feels great to touch which helps with carrying close to you for a long time, and comfortable for the baby. The little one falls asleep a few minutes of being in the carrier. It also leaves either one of us hands-free to carry things and wield a phone/camera. 

family travel baby ergo carrier

On trips where there is no trail or flat surface for the most part we load everything into the UPPAbaby Vista stroller. It is the same stroller we had with the first kiddo and is great for the second. It converts from a newborn version with a bassinet to a toddler stroller that can last for years. 

baby stroller family travel

To keep rain, wind, and bugs away when the little one is in the stroller we have this universal rain cover. This travel weather shield keeps the baby dry and warm. It has also been great during the pandemic. 

When it is warmer out and dry we keep the mosquito net on top of the stroller to keep the bugs away. 

We also bought a while back a Car Seat Sun Shade Cover. The image of what it looks like is below. I won't provide a link to it. It was purchased with intention of ensuring that the seat is cool on hot days when returning to the car. While that is a good concept to keep kiddo cool and safe, we have never used it! It just lying in the trunk and acts more as a layer for the trunk floor rather than its intended use. Not worth getting.

For Baby:

Once we are out and about and kiddo is settled in the carrier or stroller some of the other baby travel essentials we pack with us are:

Portable Diaper Changing Pad - it is great for changing a diaper on the go. We have changed quite a few diapers either on the front or rear seat of the car. It has a lot of compartments so that we have all of the necessitates with us at all times.

The Mommy Hook Stroller Accessory - it is a large carabiner style hook that easily hooks onto the stroller handle. You can hang anything and everything on it. We have used for bags, hats, backpacks, and even scooters.

Icy Cools Neoprene Insulated Pouch - this pouch is great for carrying snacks so they are not melting and yogurt and sauce pouches remain cool. It is also great for transporting milk bottles as it keeps them at almost refrigeration temperature. 

Baby Sun Hat - this hat has a large brim in the front as well as in the back. This way the face, ears, and neck are all protected. It has UPF 50+ to protect baby from the sun. We have had this hat for years. Our first kiddo was in the pink version of this hat at all outings, beaches, and lakes. Now, we have a gray i play sun hat for the newest traveler. 

MAM Pacifier and MAM Pacifier Clip - these are inseparable, as they should be. Originally, we got a few pacifiers separately. The kiddo kept tossing or spitting them out and we had to go chase them and clean them up. Don't know if it is parenting amnesia or something else, but we forgot how far these little things can fly and how often they end up on the floor. Pacifier with a clip is a whole dynamic changer. It clips just about everywhere and the pacifiers are staying with a very short distance.  

For Parents:

Portable travel charger  - these days we do not leave the house with kiddos without this essential travel gadget. One Anker PowerCore keeps both of our phones charged with 10000mAh. We have also used it to charge toys, cameras, portable speakers, and other devices. It is very compact and has a small flat design that allows it to fit easily in a pocket, bag pocket, or in the stroller. 

Travel Size Hand Sanitizer Gel - it is the accessory of the year. I had a sanitizer with me just about everywhere I went. I was ahead of the trend. These days it is on top of the list of the most important items we need to pack with us before heading out. 

black travel sunglasses

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family travel baby gadgets essentials

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