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Feb 2, 2023

Cool and Innovative Tech Crosswalks & Traffic Signals

Latest in Crosswalk & Signals Tech

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Traffic Light Innovations 

Upgrading traffic lights with new technology can be useful in a number of ways. For example, it can help to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion by using sensors and algorithms to adjust the timing of the lights based on real-time traffic conditions. This can help to prevent bottlenecks and make roads more efficient. Additionally, upgrading traffic lights with new technology can also improve safety by incorporating features such as pedestrian detection and red light cameras. This can help to prevent accidents and improve the overall safety of our roads. 

Traffic Signal With LEDs On Traffic Pole

The pole holding up the standard traffic light is itself fitted with LED lights. At every light change, the complete pole lights up instead of just the overhang at intersections. This looks cool and is also likely visible behind larger vehicles and at a further distance.
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Crosswalks tech

  There are a number of innovative designs for crosswalks that can improve safety for pedestrians. Some examples include: 
  • Raised crosswalks: These are crosswalks that are elevated above the level of the road, creating a physical barrier between pedestrians and vehicles. This can help to reduce the risk of collisions by making it more difficult for vehicles to drive over the crosswalk. 
  • Pedestrian-activated signals: These are traffic signals that are only activated when a pedestrian presses a button or otherwise indicates that they want to cross the road. This can help to reduce the risk of pedestrians crossing against the light or in other unsafe ways. 
  • High-visibility crosswalks: These are crosswalks that are painted with bright, distinctive colors or patterns, making them more visible to drivers and pedestrians alike. This can help to improve awareness and reduce the risk of collisions. 
  • Refuge islands: These are small, raised islands in the middle of a road that provide pedestrians with a safe place to stop and wait if they need to cross the road in multiple stages. This can be especially useful on busy roads with multiple lanes of traffic. 

Rainbow Laser Beams To Improve Road Safety

China is testing lasers to prevent drivers falling asleep on highways. When it is dark out the system turns on. It sends a colorful array of light over the highway that the driver can see as they proach a certain point. The light display is supposed to alert the driver to continue paying attention behind the wheel.

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