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Aug 8, 2023

Coolest Back to School Gadgets - Also Great For Travel

Coolest Back to School Gadgets - Also Great For Travel


While these watches are fun, they are also functional around campus. You can set up your calendar on it with classes, study times, meet ups, and so on. Have reminders set up for drinking water, moving around, or things you need to do. You can also easily send and receive texts and messages, view your health stats,
Apple Watch Series 8 is semi-independent from the iPhone and is water resistant for basic swimming, showering, and washing. It is great for working out, measuring heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and even monitoring your sleep.

Noise-cancelling earphones
Bluetooth Headphones Noise-Canelling Headphones by Anker are comfortable to wear and are great at filtering out excess noise. These will be a great pair to pick up for those long study sessions, relaxing in between classes, listening to the latest albums, or connecting via Bluetooth to your game console. These are also under $60 on Amazon and have great reviews.


» Best under $500 Laptop
HP 17.3" Full HD Laptop
hp laptop hd back to school computer

» Best ~ $200 Laptop
Acer Chromebook Spin 11

» Best 2-in-1
HP Chromebook x360

back to school computer hp spectre

Invest in a laptop lock

How it works:
A length of braided steel cable wraps around a secure immovable object. A lock located on one end of the cable inserts into the security slot on the device. This is usually a small rectangular hole located on the back or side of a laptop. Most laptops have this kind of security slot built into their chassis.

Portable Rechargeable Speakers
This speaker easily connects to your smartphone and you can take it with you on walks, biking, around campus, or into the shower. It is waterproof with IPX7 rating. It comes with a handy removable suction cup and carabiner for easy portability.

Portable Charger Power Bank
We are all using our smartphones all day long. Though the batteries on these essential devices don't last as long as our use. A battery pack that has a 5,200mAh capacity would allow you to charge your phone several times to keep on texting, watching a video, and listening to music.
Our favorite portable charger that goes everywhere is the Anker 321 Compact Power Bank

All your books in one small flat convenient package. Even some textbooks can be found in Kindle format.

The phone case that protects your smartphone

Keep your phone safe from water spills (ehem beer spills) and falls

Portable Safe

Alarm clock

Portable Mini Steamer Iron

We got this little steamer for travel. As we try to pack as compact as possible when traveling we optimize all of the space in our luggage. While most of the time it works great during trips, some times some of our clothes come out with wrinkles. Most hotels do have irons, though you do not know if they work, how they work, and full blown ironing is time-intensive. Using this mini steamer quick and easy. It is light even with water. It hits up in seconds and does a good job of getting the wrinkles out with lots of steam. You can also select ironing intensity where at highest level it fill function similar to full-size iron. Considering how little space there is in dormrooms, this portable gadget would be great for quick smoothing out of your clothes before classes.


Use as reading light, work light, and more - attaches to laptops and desks

Reusable Portable Water Bottle

Instead of using plastic bottles or Solo cups, you can take these reusable water bottles any around campus and when you are traveling off campus. Most of these are dishwasher safe allowing for quick and easy cleaning. These bottles are BPA free and have leak proof caps.

Travel Sewing Kit

Small, compact and portable. emergency repair mini kit is a great tool to have in the college dorm.
Also great for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Contains all you need for fast repairs on the go.

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