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Jan 9, 2024

New Most Valuable Travel Item - SeQR Codes

SeQR Stickers For Travel - Get Your Stuff Back


I received the scan codes free of charge from SeQR for the purpose of the review. All experiences and opinions are my own.
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One of our favorite travel accessories as of late has been the AirTags. These trackers are a must-have for travel as they can track your luggage, your personal bags, and much more.

There are quite a few accessories for AirTags that let you attach them to different items. However, the AirTags cannot be attached to everything. And that is where the code stickers from SeQR come in.

While the concept behind the stickers is not new, it was easy to get started with them and attach them to many items. More below

In our rapidly advancing digital age, QR codes have become an integral part of our daily lives, simplifying processes and enhancing convenience. SeQR's innovative platform leverages the power of QR codes to reunite you with your lost travel items.

SeQR provides QR code stickers designed to be applied to various devices and personal items. Each sticker hosts a unique QR code, enabling anyone who finds the item to effortlessly connect with the owner through a simple scan using their smartphone.

Get help with lost items and keep your personal info private when you place SeQR Contact codes on your daily and travel essentials

SeQR contact codes are more secure than your phone number or email because they do not reveal personal info. Additionally, they cannot be used by stalkers to track your location, unlike GPS trackers like Airtag or Tile.

We have placed them on many different items:

The AirPods (adds likelihood of being found & returned)

Our Anker portable charger that we don't leave home without.

Eyeglasses case - this is a great idea as this is an item that can certainly be misplaced.

My second phone is not on the iCloud account, ie, Android, and cannot be easily tracked.

QR codes are universally recognizable, making it easy for people from all walks of life to use the service. The technology is user-friendly, requiring only a smartphone with a camera and a QR code scanning app

How to set up the account and stickers:

» Once you place the order for SeQr stickers, you will receive in the mail sheet with the QR stickers on it

» Scan any one of them and click to open the browser link that shows up.

» Once opened, it will ask you to activate your codes.

» When you activate, you will receive a one-time use code in the email. This will act as your password and verification to get into the account.

» You can copy and paste the code from the email into the account field.

» Once in, you will see a dashboard that shows how many stickers you have active and if you have received any messages.

» This is what the screen looks like once your stickers are activated and are scanned again. It will also be a screen that someone who finds the item and scans will see as well.

SeQR tracking stickers for travel

SeQR's QR code stickers are about facilitating connections and simplifying the process of reclaiming your belongings. Embrace the future of lost and found with SeQR.

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