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Dec 26, 2023

New Cool Up-and-Coming In Travel Tech Gadgets - December

Roads that charge, Big EV plane lighter than air, electric jet engines...

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Engineers Are Creating Concrete Pavement That Wirelessly Charges Electric Cars

It's the stuff of science fiction. Imagine driving down the road, and your electric car automatically charges. You don't have to stop. You don't have to get out of the car. Nothing. Well, this dream could soon be a reality.

Tesla confirms wireless inductive electric car home charger is coming.

The world’s largest aircraft breaks cover in Silicon Valley.

Sergey Brin-backed airship startup LTA Research began test flights this month. This behemoth of a plane is actually lighter than air. It has twelve electric motors that line the sides and tail of the airship. In addition to providing efficient, reliable power, the motors rotate from +180° to -180° for effective directional control.

Image via LTA Research

World’s first rim-driven jet propulsion motor test successful in Canada

Duxion Motors has successfully completed the ground test of its electric jet engine, which, according to it, is "poised to make high-speed electric aviation a reality."

Generating Electricity From Oncoming Traffic

The breeze produced from passing cars might not seem like much, but ENLIL’s long, unobtrusive, upright blades are powerful enough to produce one kilowatt of energy an hour.
A single turbine fitted with an additional solar panel on top can seamlessly produce enough electricity to power two households for a day.

High-Fat Flight Is First Jetliner to Make Fossil Fuel-Free Trans-Atlantic Crossing From London to NY

Sustainable aviation fuel, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by about 70%, is the best near-term way for the international aviation industry to achieve its net zero target by 2050

Tesla to offer a package that turns Cybertruck into an actual boat.

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