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Jun 23, 2016

Travel Gadget Video of the Week - Best Traveling Apps And Gadgets For Summer Road Trips

Best traveling apps and gadgets for summer road trips

In this video, the newest SUV from Volvo XC90. It comes with the app that can start the car, lock it, tell you what is the fuel range and more. This is not the only car coming out this year with these features. Several other automakers are now releasing apps with the new models. Making it more convenient to keep track of your vehicle.
One of the cool features in the car, which was barely mentioned but used, is the electrical plug, 12-volt adapter, in back where the Ride-Fi was plugged in. This would give you an auxiliary charging port for the rear passengers.

Polar Bear Coolers - keep things cold inside for up to 3 days

Ride-Fi - creates a Wi-Fi hot spot within your car. Up to 8 devices can use the service simultaneously.

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