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Feb 15, 2016

Top Gadgets To Bring on Airplane (Infographic)

Top Gadgets To Bring on Airplane (Infographic)

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Feb 27, 2013

7 Gadgets to Make Travel Comfortable

Tips and gadgets that can make flying more comfortable in any class:

MiFi Mobile Wi-fi Hotspot
Our world is digital. Though there is a whole tangible world out there to see. While traveling, it is great to stay connected and update your friends and fans on your whereabouts. Travel is more comfortable when you have easy access to information and resources as well as sharing, social media, and reviews. Mifi gadget lets you create a wireless hotspot at any location. It is connected and engaged through your smartphone using cellular service. The MiFi works at a distance up to 30 ft and will provide internet or network access to any WiFi enabled peripheral device. It small enough to fit in your pocket. Easy to pack and go. Note that the MiFi would most likely require service from one of the wireless providers.

Luggage Touch Scale
To travel in comfort is to travel light. You would feel a lot more comfortable rolling around a simple lightweight carry-on bag rather than an over stuffed suitcase. If you do need to pack a little extra and check in your luggage, make sure to weigh it with a at-home luggage scale before getting to the airport. The luggage fees would add up quickly for over weight suitcases.

Entertainment system
Time flies faster when you have something fun to do. Situate yourself comfortably in-front your favorite movie or TV playing on iPad or other tablets, and you won't notice how 2 hours have quickly gone by. While there is some entertainment provided by a few airlines, these days you have to pay for most good movies. Instead you can catch up on your favorite shows and videos by downloading them earlier. And make to bring with a comfortable pair of noise-cancelling headphones, since those provided by airlines are not comfortable on the ears and are not free.

Comfort of home while you are traveling can be brought to you by a travel pillow. Kick back relax and catch  up on some sleep or just rest your head comfortably for a flight. The pillows come in all kind of shapes and sizes. There are inflatable, foam, velvet, and down. They can be placed behind your head, around your neck, or in-front of you. Take a look at the grid below for the multitude of varieties.
Recently I found out about the Hoodiepillow® Travel Pillow. It is a genius innovation. Whenever I fly, I have a hard time falling asleep, so the pillow to get me more comfortable and a hood to drawn out distractions is great for me to catch some zzz. Additionally, I thought it was a good idea because, while I am not totally germ phobic,  I don't like putting my head on the seat headrests as I have know idea who was there before or when was the last time they were cleaned. With the hoodie, my head is comfy and is not directly on the headrest.

travel pillow
travel pillow
travel pillow travel pillow

Sustainable tents to enjoy the Nature
Camping is fun. Though its a testament to being out of your comfort. With these tents, however, the camping trip would be one with the nature. They are self sustainable with solar-powered LED lights, roofs, and LCD screens. Some of these tents use solar energy to generate electricity, which can be used to charge portable gadgets. Easy to set up yourself up in nature and be eco-friendly. Seven sustainable tents to enjoy the Nature

Future Camping Tent

Did You Know?:
- Check in early to get prime pick of seats, get into coveted group A, and do not get involuntarily bumped from an overflowing flight are those who check in last usually get the bump.
- JetBlue offers 34 inches of legroom
- Exit row seats while provide more comfort, now also come with additional fees

What do you bring with you on your trip to make it comfy and fun? 
Let us know below

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Nov 1, 2011

Newspapers = Obsolete? or Reborn?

Newspapers = Obsolete? or Reborn?

"I was on the train one morning. Alas without my Kindle. And as I looked around, I noticed that no one was carrying newspapers on my train. It seemed odd and interesting at the same time.
I took a closer look and saw just how many iPads and Kindles were bieng used and then how many of those users were looking at newspapers. Quite interesting. One person was on, another was on USA Today." - SG

Doing some research and looking on iPad as well as the Kindle store, it looks like while you can get free apps for most of the well known print publications, you would still need a subscription to get the newest version. If you enjoy reading it now, it is a good chance you would go with the digital subscription as well. There are still folks though that prefer, at least for the time being, to hold in their hands a print copy of a paperback or a newspaper. I think it would be at a sliding scale based on generation. For myself, while I like the accessibility and speed of digital publishing, once in awhile I like to have along a magazine rather than an expensive tech gadget that I have to be careful not leave or toss someplace.

Recently, Ziff Davis, one of the larger publishers, announced that they will be moving to all digital publication in 2012. It is more likely than not, that others will follow suit. Other large publishers also made news a few months back by putting up pay walls on the digital version of newspapers. While there was quite a bit of controversy regarding the move, it has been relativity successful for The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.
Moreover, there are several applications that have been designed and have gained significant popularity as aggregators of news from well known newspapers and magazines. These apps are thriving since they are presenting articles from various publication within one easy to use interface. One such popular app is Flipboard, which is available for most mobile platforms.

So, are newspapers obsolete? I do not think so. Publishing is a very old industry that is meeting the new digital age. And as with most cycles there are always shakeouts. Some will survive and continue to thrive by being relative and providing great content and/or being reborn as digital publishers.

What do you think about the prospects of the newspapers?
How do you occupy your time during the commute? Leave a Comment

Did You Know?:
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How the Amazon Kindle Works

Jul 22, 2011

Ready to travel Back to School

It is almost that time. School is back in session in a few weeks. Time to pack up and go off or return to college. Do you have all the chuchkies, accessories, and most importantly gadgets?

This year, I think more than ever, students are getting back to their dorms and studying with a lot more technology in their packs. And it is way beyond the standard supply of pens, paper, folders, and USB flash drive. The 'new' student needs gear for backing up important work, printing out reports, keeping in touch and waking up in time for class.
Some of the gadgets that college students are getting equipped with are tablets, e-readers, smartphones, external hard drives with a lot of storage, and of course music media. Speaking of music, which can help you relax and study hardy, you would also need some decent noise-canceling earphones to tune out distractions and concentrate on task. We have discussed in previous posts, such as Noise canceling headphones - life saver for travelers?, the benefits and cool features of these type of headphones. There are some really nice light and small in-ear headphones that are also pretty good at canceling out the noise. You can find a list of some of these here: More on making travel fun with cool headphones. offers a list of earphones that are bit less pricey: Earbuds

Students looking to save money and avoid lugging around heavy textbooks are now able to rent textbooks on their Kindle eReader devices through Amazon. This service recently launched and offers savings up to 80% off the list price of the print textbook: Kindle Textbook Rental

No smartphone can go without some apps on it and hopefully quite a few of these include apps that can actually help in studying and performing research.

Top 10 Student Apps:
Evernote - take notes and organize them on your phone
Wikipedia Mobile - The free app delivers trusted reference content from and
Facebook Mobile
Google Mobile
WHERE! - Get personalized recommendations for places around you
gFlashPro - flashcard app, create flashcards, share, tests, and trivia
Groupon - 50%-90% off deals on the best stuff to do, eat, see and buy
Zoho Docs - online document management application for individuals and businesses

50 Free Android Apps Every College Student Needs

Moreover, cannot forget to pack other essentials such as the reusable BPA-free water bottle to re-hydrate the body and mind, rechargeable batteries and battery charger, Bedol Water Clock that does not need batteries, and a stainless-steel wallet

Another useful gadget is ZOMM Wireless Leash for Mobile Phones.This gadget wirelessly connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and alerts you when you are more than 30 feet away from your phone. It's a perfect device for those prone to leaving the dorm without their cell phones. ZOMM also has a built-in panic alarm that can be activated with a simple press of a button. Continue to hold that button, and ZOMM will automatically call any emergency number of your choice. It comes with fully functioning speakerphone with a noise-canceling microphone, belt/bag clip, instructions manual, wall charger, and USB cable.

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