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Feb 27, 2013

7 Gadgets to Make Travel Comfortable

Tips and gadgets that can make flying more comfortable in any class:

MiFi Mobile Wi-fi Hotspot
Our world is digital. Though there is a whole tangible world out there to see. While traveling, it is great to stay connected and update your friends and fans on your whereabouts. Travel is more comfortable when you have easy access to information and resources as well as sharing, social media, and reviews. Mifi gadget lets you create a wireless hotspot at any location. It is connected and engaged through your smartphone using cellular service. The MiFi works at a distance up to 30 ft and will provide internet or network access to any WiFi enabled peripheral device. It small enough to fit in your pocket. Easy to pack and go. Note that the MiFi would most likely require service from one of the wireless providers.

Luggage Touch Scale
To travel in comfort is to travel light. You would feel a lot more comfortable rolling around a simple lightweight carry-on bag rather than an over stuffed suitcase. If you do need to pack a little extra and check in your luggage, make sure to weigh it with a at-home luggage scale before getting to the airport. The luggage fees would add up quickly for over weight suitcases.

Entertainment system
Time flies faster when you have something fun to do. Situate yourself comfortably in-front your favorite movie or TV playing on iPad or other tablets, and you won't notice how 2 hours have quickly gone by. While there is some entertainment provided by a few airlines, these days you have to pay for most good movies. Instead you can catch up on your favorite shows and videos by downloading them earlier. And make to bring with a comfortable pair of noise-cancelling headphones, since those provided by airlines are not comfortable on the ears and are not free.

Comfort of home while you are traveling can be brought to you by a travel pillow. Kick back relax and catch  up on some sleep or just rest your head comfortably for a flight. The pillows come in all kind of shapes and sizes. There are inflatable, foam, velvet, and down. They can be placed behind your head, around your neck, or in-front of you. Take a look at the grid below for the multitude of varieties.
Recently I found out about the Hoodiepillow® Travel Pillow. It is a genius innovation. Whenever I fly, I have a hard time falling asleep, so the pillow to get me more comfortable and a hood to drawn out distractions is great for me to catch some zzz. Additionally, I thought it was a good idea because, while I am not totally germ phobic,  I don't like putting my head on the seat headrests as I have know idea who was there before or when was the last time they were cleaned. With the hoodie, my head is comfy and is not directly on the headrest.

travel pillow
travel pillow
travel pillow travel pillow

Sustainable tents to enjoy the Nature
Camping is fun. Though its a testament to being out of your comfort. With these tents, however, the camping trip would be one with the nature. They are self sustainable with solar-powered LED lights, roofs, and LCD screens. Some of these tents use solar energy to generate electricity, which can be used to charge portable gadgets. Easy to set up yourself up in nature and be eco-friendly. Seven sustainable tents to enjoy the Nature

Future Camping Tent

Did You Know?:
- Check in early to get prime pick of seats, get into coveted group A, and do not get involuntarily bumped from an overflowing flight are those who check in last usually get the bump.
- JetBlue offers 34 inches of legroom
- Exit row seats while provide more comfort, now also come with additional fees

What do you bring with you on your trip to make it comfy and fun? 
Let us know below

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Feb 17, 2011

25 travel gadgets under $25

25 travel gadgets under $25

This list includes some of the T&TG favorites such as:

RingerWraps - clear, disposable protective sleeves that allow you to use the touchscreen on phones and other devices

Safetytats - this one is a new find for us. SafetyTats are temporary tattoos that read 'If Lost, Please Call' and includes a space to write a parent's or guardian’s phone number.

MicciMicci Snapback Bags

Digital Luggage Scale - an essential gadget for today's traveler

TuGo Cup Holder

Dec 6, 2010

Travel Gadgets slide show by

Today I came across a slide show list of travel gadgets posted on Travel Gadgets: Digital Luggage Scale and More  This list caught my eye as it lists a few of the items that I have posted about previously and really like as travel gadgets. First one on the list is the digital luggage scale. In my most recent posts, (Travel tech blogger without a gadget, til now) I mentioned that I finally got one of my own and it is one of the best peace of mind travel gadgets that I acquired. The list also lists earphones as good travel gadget. In one of the older posts, Noise canceling headphones - life saver for travelers?,  I listed many benefits of having these around on a trip. I love music. Especially when it helps me tune out and get things done and also enjoy some great sounds. Gorilla pod is another of my fav travel gadgets that appears on the list and that I have used and can say is a great invention for traveling with smaller cameras. On our most recent trip, it was great being able to snap pictures of the two of us without necessarily having to ask for pictures from strangers with questionable photography skills and we could also make many takes without being annoying :)
An interesting gadget that I saw on the list was the Bottle Armor. It protects a bottle of wine or other glass bottles while traveling. Bottle Armor is made of durable leak-proof nylon with a layer of protective padding protects bottles in your checked luggage. It even includes a corkscrew and is reusable. As someone who has experienced many times trying to wrap that bottle in anything possible so it would survive the trip home, I think this might be good travel take-along when going on wine trails, picnic, or a party and bringing a bottle to a dinner.
Though I don't know about the Lucha Libre mask travel tag and the silk travel pouch. Mighty a bit of a stretch there for cool travel gadgets...
What do you think?

Nov 12, 2010

A much needed gadget when flying or cruising

In late October, I went on a 2 week vacation in Greece. It is a long way from home, so we needed to pack quite a bit of stuff. We also had to purchase some additional suitcases and borrowed one as well. Once all packed, we realized that the suitcases seemed a bit large. And as anyone traveling on long journeys knows, flying today with suitcases is a math game. So we checked the luggage weight limit for our airline and tried our best to determine the weight for the larger ones. However, we had to do it using some workaround methods as we did not have a luggage scale handy. You might be thinking here is this person that blogs about all the cool travel gadgets and such and he does not have a luggage scale. That is correct. That is until this weekend. On our first shopping trip back, I purchased our own portable luggage scale. We are not foreseeing another oversees trip for at least a year, however after going through the hassle and nervousness of not knowing exactly how much some of the luggage weighted up to the point of check in, I want to be sure I have one of these gizmos handy and ready to go.

P.s. the way we measured the luggage at the time is with the regular bathroom scale. First I measured myself and then measured myself holding one of the bags. Ingenious :)

How do you weight your bags? Any tips on which scales you have used and did well?
Do you have any interesting stories about luggage and airlines?

Travel Gadgets: Handy Gizmos for Stress-Free Travelling

Travel Gadgets: Handy Gizmos for Stress-Free Travelling

By: Anna Clare
There are so many things about travelling that can cause stress, that sometimes we wonder why we bother leaving the house at all.

For one thing, there's the packing. Stressing about whether or not there’s room in your suitcase for everything you need on your trip can be a real headache – and if you go over your baggage weight limit, you'll either have to pay the airline an excess baggage fee, or leave a few things behind.

But we say: Stress not! There are some excellent travel gadgets and accessories that can significantly reduce the stress of going on a trip, and we’ve selected a few of our favourites that can help you have a happier holiday.

Trace Me Luggage Tag

One of the things most likely to spoil your holiday is losing your luggage. Spending your entire trip wearing just the clothes you arrived in is painful enough, but knowing you’ll never see your precious suitcase contents again is deeply distressing.

With the Trace Me Luggage Tag you can greatly reduce the chances of losing your luggage forever. The Trace Me Luggage Tag is strong and durable, and contains an individual serial number and 2D bar code, linked for life to your registration details on a secure data storage system used by law enforcement agencies, airport baggage handling organisations and lost property services worldwide.

If your luggage goes astray, a simple scan of the Trace Me Luggage Tag will identify it as your property. Registering your Trace Me Luggage Tag is quick and easy to do online, and there are no recurring fees or subscription charges.

Travel Charger Adaptor

If you rely on mobile phones and other gadgets to stay in touch while travelling, the Travel Charger Adaptor is probably the most useful travel gadget you will ever own.

The Travel Charger Adaptor combines adaptors suitable for use throughout Europe, North America, Africa, Australasia and the Far East, as well as featuring a handy USB power socket for charging MP3 players and other gadgets that you would normally charge through your computer.

Digital Portable Luggage Scale

Airline baggage weight limits can be very confusing – they differ from one airline to another, and when you check your bags in at the airport there's always that little nagging worry that you’ve exceeded the limit and will have to leave something behind or pay an excess baggage fee.

With the Digital Portable Luggage Scale, you'll never have this worry again. This handy travel gadget can handle up to 50kg – before you leave home, simply attach it to your case, wait for the beep, and read the weight. If you're over your baggage weight limit you can remove a few things and leave them at home, or pack them into your hand luggage instead.

The Digital Portable Luggage Scale can then be carried in your hand luggage so that you can check your bag weight again on the way home – which is very handy if you’ve stocked up on souvenirs and duty free goods during your holiday.

Paper Toiletries

Camping and backpacking holidays are lots of fun, but without a car to carry all the equipment in, you need to be quite strict about what goes in your luggage. Bottled toiletries can be heavy; even travel-sized bottles, if you carry enough of them, will weigh you down and make walking uncomfortable.

The best solution to this problem that we've seen is a fantastic range of paper toiletries that are ideal for travelling light. The range includes paper shampoo, paper shaving foam and paper anti-bacterial soap - simply remove a sheet from the small, lightweight pack, add water, and lather up.

Paper toiletries are also ideal for carrying in your hand luggage on flights; they're not liquid, so they won't break any no-liquid regulations when you go through security checks at the airport.

Portable Solar Charger

The Portable Solar Charger is another travel gadget that's ideal for camping trips, when access to an electricity supply might be restricted.

The Portable Solar Charger contains a Li-Ion battery which is charged by the sun during the day. Once charged, the Portable Solar Charger can charge your mobile phone with enough power to talk for two hours, or load your MP3 player with power equivalent to six hours of listening time.

The Portable Solar Charger comes complete with cables and a selection of adaptors, making it suitable for a huge range of mobile phones as well as many iPod models.
About the Author
Anna Clare is Website Manager at, one of the UK's leading sources of unusual gift ideas and suppliers of travel gadgets.
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Article Source: - Travel Gadgets: Handy Gizmos for Stress-Free Travelling

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