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Jul 27, 2015

Travel Gadget Review - Plantronics BackBeat Bluetooth Headphones

Travel Gadget Review - Plantronics BackBeat Bluetooth Headphones

Disclosure: I purchased this product for my own use. I am reviewing it on my own initiative and my opinions are my own. I am not being compensated for this review.

I have been going back and forth about wireless headphones for a few months, probably ever since I had iPhone 5S and loaded it up with music. Though once I got the iPhone 6 with much more memory, I have been considering it a lot more. I research most of my gadgets decisions and same goes for this purchase. Some of the wireless headphone on the market have strange designs or headpieces. I also wanted one that could withstand daily use during a city commute, occasional jog, and would not have to take off in the rain.
My search resulted in these, and with a sale (currently 30% Off), I made the jump:

These headphones have easily accessible on-ear controls let you keep moving while you control your music or calls. BackBeat FIT continues to function through rain, sweat, and even the splash of a drink. Headset battery meter automatically displays onscreen for iPhone when it is connected. Plus every time they turn on, they let you know if the battery level is high, medium, or low. You can wirelessly update your BackBeat FIT using a free smartphone app. No connection to a computer or internet is needed to use the actual app. Moreover, the app has a Find MyHeadset feature, similar to Find My iPhone, that would help you locate your headset if it is misplaced.
Why good to have on a trip:
- Waterproof, sweatproof
- Long battery life - around 8 hours
- Easy to charge via USB cable or with USB travel USB charger adapter
- Flexible earbuds and band - can be folded to fit into pouch or pocket
- Receive and answer calls via headphones
- Adjust volume and playback all from the headphones without taking out your phone
- GPS type of tracker to find headphones if they go missing

Sound-off: Are you in the market for Bluetooth headphones? Or do you have some that are your fav? Let us know below

Sound-off: What do you think? Let us know below

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Jan 10, 2012

Ten technology products that changed travel in 2011

Ten technology products that changed the way I traveled in 2011 article by Scott Carmichael on
2011 was a great year for Gadget lovers - the tech industry pushed out new products at an insane pace. As usual, a vast majority of said gadgets were borderline useless, but especially for the traveler, the year proved to be quite rewarding. ... Read More

Nov 21, 2011

Top 15 Holiday Gifts for your Travel Gadget Geek

As holidays fast approaching and we struggle to come up with the perfect gift for everyone on your list, it’s worth considering that traveling is one of the most past times for a lot of folks. And travel accessories might make a great gift. Especially since many travelers have a favorite item or gadget they can’t leave home without. Even if the person on your list is not looking for the latest tech gadget, there are quite a bit of great travel items that would make their day and even year.

Here are some favorites from folks who spend a lot of time away from home, as well as a look at a few new and interesting items:

Tumi Plug Adaptor - This little gadget offers four different plug configurations in one unit, good for 150 countries for powering devices like MP3 players, digital cameras and mobile phones. It comes in a little black case and the prongs can be pushed in and out for easy storage and transport.

Noise-Cancelling headphones - Sometimes all you want is a little peace and quiet, or just tune out all the things going on around you. And that is when noise canceling headphones are life enhancers, if not life saver in some situations. Read more: Noise canceling headphones - life saver for travelers?
Latest headphones for travel that I recently came across are SleepPhones. Unlike earphones that require you to lie in the same rigid position, AcousticSheep SleepPhones are flat, removable speakers built into a soft fleece headband. They let you fall asleep naturally, without popping drugs or jamming in uncomfortable plugs. Available in several colors from SleepPhones

Travel Size Bottle Kit is a great travel gadget for packing and organizing and, most importantly these days, abiding by the TSA rules. Read more: Travel Bottle Kit - TSA approved, ready to go

Portable chargers —  to provide hours of extra power when the battery runs out on an iPhone, BlackBerry or iPod.
Solio Bolt charger - eco-friendly, versatile and packable. The charger has an on-board battery and rotating solar panels, and it can juice up from the sun, a USB port or the wall to power your phone, MP3 player, e-reader, GPS or camera.

EBook readers are becoming more and more popular since you can carry with you an entire library for the size of just one paperback. And with with the low price of eBooks and newer and cooler versions of readers coming up, such as Kindle Fire, they area great gift for a person on the go.

GPS - an essential gadget when traveling. One of the most annoying things about going on vacation is getting lost. This tech gadgets will keep you on track in the car, on a boat, or if just walking around town

Smartphone - A smart phone lets you access travel tools such as emails, maps, GPS, compass, check the Internet for hotel reviews etc. For holiday commuting or standing in line, there is no better gadget. Check out our weekly post: "There is a Travel App for That" for some useful travel apps.

Digital Camera - You can't go on a holiday without a camera. A digital camera is probably the most essential travel tool so make sure you have a good one ready for the "Kodak moments". We love our Canon Powershot SX

A Watter Bottle is not only a great accessory to have on a trip but it can also save money and protect your health and invigorate. Instead of purchasing multiple water bottles or drinking from street fountains, a waterbottle would provide clean drinking water that you can fill up from a water filter or at a rest stop. Drinking water is very important. It is even more so on trips when you spend a long time in between stops and walking

Digital Luggage Scale - Take the guesswork out of packing and avoid paying extra fees by finding out luggage weight before check-in.

Venturesafe 200 bag - a small daypack with a lot of security measures. First of, the shoulder strap is slash-proof and snatch-proof. A thief can’t quickly cut through it with a knife because there is wire mesh inside. The same wire mesh goes through the whole bag as well, so the old trick of slashing the bottom of a pack and taking what’s inside won’t work either. The extra-strong zippers tuck into little pockets so they are hard to reach. This bag has essential compartments for several gadgets, keys, and headphones. Read more: Top 5 ways to keep you and your gadgets safe while traveling

SteriPen - small, light and now rechargeable UV water purifier. Its UV light destroys over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium that might be found in some water traveling abroad. The Pen recharges via a micro USB B port using a computer, AC outlet or compatible solar charge. Other versions use batteries, lithium type are strongly recommended.

Digital Travel Clock & Photo Frame - "Love the Digital Travel Clock and it comes with a photo frame. Perfect gift indeed for those people who travels a lot."

Amazon Gift Cards - something for everyone. Never expire.

Swiss Army knife - its a classic multi-tool. Everything you need and more within one device.

Did You Know?:
How to Avoid Paying Retail for Christmas Gifts
Airplane travel gadgets to keep you moving

Nov 7, 2011

Best Business Travel Gadgets

The Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories by
- All the comforts you'll need on your flight and the luggage to carry them in.

Best Phone for Travel:
HTC Aria

Best Noise-Canceling Headphones:
Bowers & Wilkins P5

Best Portable Massager:
Soothera Wooden Ball Foot Massager & Therapeutic Slippers

Best Tablet:
iPad 2

Best Store for TSA-Friendly Toiletries:

Best Bag for Traveling Light:
The Voyageur by Tumi

Best iPad Case:
Built NY

Best Bluetooth Keyboard for Your iPad:
Adonit Writer

For more business travel gadgets visit the's Business Travel 50

Best Business Travel Apps:
FlightTrack Pro
Print n Share
Encamp - Project Management
mbPointer - for presentations
Best Business Apps For Android

What travel gadgets you can’t leave your house without when traveling for business? Leave a Comment

Jun 4, 2011

Top 10 travel gadgets for Dad on the go

1.Portable laptop/tablet
Laptops are getting smaller and lighter and if you can you should bring one along. With a laptop you can go online, read emails, check Facebook, watch movies, store photos and videos. They are convenient to have period. And now with the tablet it is even easier to take one on a trip.

Laptop/tablet reviews:,2806,9,00.asp,2806,2358246,00.asp

2. i/Android Phone
Motorola DROID X Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)A smart phone lets you access travel tools such as emails, maps, GPS, compass, check the Internet for hotel and restaurant reviews etc.
The iPhone/Pad/Pod is essential for killing time while traveling on buses, trains, and airplanes. With amount of apps available these days for these and Android phones you can keep everyone entertained for ours, find useful information, and simply find and listen to music while on a trip.

3. Travel related Apps
(NOTE: Language packs must be purchased from within the app)
Wi-Fi Finder - Instantly find Wi-Fi Internet hotspots wherever you are online or offline(free)
FlightTracker - Live Flight Status Tracker
Currency Converter- up-to-date exchange rate information for over 100 currencies and countries(free)
Spanish Phrasebook630 spoken phrases
Google TranslateTranslate words and phrases between more than 50 languages
TripIt - Travel organizer (free)
GasBaggas price finding applications (free)
Shazamquickest and easiest way to discover more about music, identify the track, buy it, check out the videos, get the lyric
Gowallasocial travel guide and passport on your phone (free)
Truphonetransforms your 2nd or 3rd generation iPod Touch into a phone (free, though rate charges apply)

4.Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Music just makes the day go faster and helps you immerse in your own world and your relaxation. Give your dad a music interlude with comfortable and stylish noise-cancelling headphones to provide him with some uninterrupted personal time.

Noise-cancelling headphones give the ability to listen to what they want while avoiding outside interference and help reduce the risk of hearing impairment as well. These headphones also provide excellent music quality. With high sensitivity, excellent impedance and a wide frequency range. Frequent travelers consider noise-cancelling headphones a necessity rather than a luxury. This gadget would be something that is at the top of the list of things to take along on flight or ride. They can:
- reduce the whoosh of airplanes' ac and engines
- tune out snoring neighbors
- drown out kid noise
- just help you tune out

Noise canceling headphones - life saver for travelers?

Cool Find of Today: How Do Noise Reducing Headphones Work?

Camelbak Better 0.75L Bottle, Tangerine5. Water bottle 
Reusable water bottle keeps you hydrated during the trip, keeps the liquid cool, and can be used over and over instead of buying and carrying multiple water bottles. Hence these bottles save money, space and weight. And they also help save our planet.
It is well known that to avoid waterborne creepy crawlies you should not drink tap water in places where you are not sure about its quality. Having a reusable water bottle with you instead, you can fill it up at a hotel or other sources of safe drinking water before heading out.
Also bottled water available for purchase has a significant impact on the environments we visit. A better choice and also much cheaper would be to take a reusable water bottle. That combined with a water purifier would make travel more budget-friendly, healthier, as well as eco-friendly.

Canon PowerShot SX130IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 12x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom with 3.0-Inch LCD6. Compact Digital Camera
A digital camera is probably the most essential travel tool so make sure you have one ready for your next trip.
When going on longer trips or tours, that would be better taken in without a lot of bags to drag around, it is great to take along a point-and-shoot camera. As mentioned in post Rechargeable batteries charger - saves money saves planet, it is more convenient to have a digital camera as well as rechargeable batteries. Some small cameras nowadays can take great shots that are almost as good as some semi-pro ones. Get your dad ready for the trip and his stint as a photo journalists with a digital camera with a 10x (or there about) optical zoom to have some great resolution memories. It would also be great to have a little folding tripod like the one from Gorillapod with the digital camera. Gorillapod is a very bendy tripod. It goes just about anywhere with its flexible legs that can wrap around objects and let you take pictures without having to hold the camera. This way you can get a whole shot of the family without leaving dad behind the camera.

7. GPS
One of the most annoying things about going on vacation is getting lost. If you've never been to the area and aren't good at reading a map, then consider taking along a GPS. You'll be surprised at the number of options that you have for a GPS device. You'll find a number of pocket size, easy to use options in GPS, with more coming out every year. There's no excuse to get lost anymore!

Belkin Conserve Valet F7C008q Energy-Saving USB Charging Station
8. Charging pad/pod
Most travelers are taking along a cell phone on their trips nowadays. A cell phone charger could certainly come in handy if your battery runs out and you aren't near your hotel, right? There are options for cell phone chargers that using hand crank technology, and an even smaller option that uses 1 AA battery to charge up your cell phone for a full 5 minutes of use. That should be long enough to call the hotel and get directions back to it or to call a taxi.
This would especially be great when traveling and have your cell phone and a couple of cameras and a GPS with you.  The Chargepod comes with 6 adapters to accomodate different types of connections as well. And you can tell that it is designed as a travel gadget since it is also compatible with all foreign 120/240 V adapter wall plugs. It is compatible with most phones, PDAs, MP3 players, GPS and portable gaming systems.
Charging pad - lets you charge multiple electronics at once without having to plug all of them in an outlet. Only the charging pad gets plugged in and all other gadgets are placed on top of it. The devices are charged using inductive charging. It is a wireless charging method used for mid-sized items such as cell phones, MP3 players and PDAs

Elgin Travel Alarm Clock With Digital Photo Frame, Black9. Digital Travel Clock & Photo Frame
Foldable digital travel clocks are great to have as you can set them up ahead of time and would not need to figure out the ones provided in the hotel rooms each time you travel. Dad can tote these with him wherever he goes as they are light and some can be set for multiple time zones. Perfect solution for the dad who travels a lot.
Moreover, the digital clocks with photo frames are great gift for dad or other frequent travelers so that they can always keep photos of their friends and family with them as the picture viewer comes built into the clock. Upload your favorite family photos and wake up to them every morning no matter where you are in the world

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife, Red10. Swiss Army knife
Swiss Army knife - its a classic multi-tool. Everything you need and more within one device. The basic models include a blade, scissors, nail file with a screwdriver tip, tweezers, and a key ring. Now it also comes with tech gadgets such as USB, flashlight, digital clock and thermometer. Dad would be glad to have this gadget along (make sure it travels in checked-in luggage) on a trip as it can be very handy in numerous situations and make him feel like a regular Macgyver. Check out multiple versions on SwissArmy site

Did You Know?:
With regular headphones you have to turn the volume up several decibels to drown out the noise around you. Even raising the music a few decibels can cause permanent significant damage to hearing.

Mar 29, 2011

Gadget that would be considered a must have by frequent travelers

This morning I came across a review on that talks about active noise canceling headphones and that this gadget would be something that is at the top of the list of things to take along on flight by most frequent fliers. As I have been raving about headphones as a great feature to have on a trip or otherwise, I think this would be an interesting read as they go in depth on how this headphones actually work to cancel out the outside noise

"Review: Denon AH-NC800 active noise canceling headphones"

Why good to have on trip:
- reduce the whoosh of airplanes' air-conditioning systems
- tune out snoring neighbors
- tune out kid noise
- just tune out
- no need to crank up the volume, leads to reduced ear fatigue

SeatGuru also has a pretty good review of headphones for traveling: Noise-Cancelling Headphones Review

Feb 25, 2011

Cool Find of Today: How Do Noise Reducing Headphones Work?

As a follow up to several posts (More on making travel fun with cool headphones,Travel gadgets for the frugal traveler, Traveling in comfort, Noise canceling headphones - life saver for travelers?) about headphones and especially about noise reducing headphones that make travel oh so much better, here is an article that explains different types of headphones available and how they work to reduce outside unnecessary noise:
HTG Explains: How Do Noise Reducing Headphones Work?

Did you know that listening to music can make you more productive?
- studies done by F. F. Cripe (1986) , L. Morton, J. Keshner and L. Seigel 1990) that conclude that music with a prominent beat stimulates an increased arousal in students which overrides the effect of environmental distractors…repetitive beat produces a reduction in muscle tension, thus reducing hyperactivity… (there was) significant reduction in distractability among students after being exposed to music. Short term memory was also beneficially affected by having to listened to music

Feb 8, 2011

More on making travel fun with cool headphones

In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) / Portable Headphones
Great information from about some cool in-ear headphones to use while traveling. My earlier post describes great and fun benefits of having one of these on a trip - Noise canceling headphones - life saver for travelers?
  • JH Audio JH16 Pro. Jerry Harvey (the "JH" in JH Audio) is the man who pretty much invented the custom IEM segment. After leaving Ultimate Ears, he set out to improve on all his previous designs via JH Audio, and he did it, forcing JH Audio's competitors to elevate their games, too. In 2009, the JH13 Pro set our Head-Fi world on fire, with its excellent soundstaging, and an ability to convey detail and treble extension like no IEM before it. Not surprisingly, the JH13 Pro continues to be one of the best-selling custom IEMs available. The JH16 Pro might reasonably be described as similar to the JH13 Pro, but with subwoofers--the low-bass on the JH16 Pro is extremely detailed, yet thunderous. With its boosted bass, the JH16 Pro remains my top recommendation for money-no-object IEMs for frequent travelers. The 6-drivers-per side JH13 Pro starts at $1099.00, and the 8-drivers-per-side JH16 Pro at $1149.00.
  • Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitor. Designed in conjunction with Capitol Studios, the In-Ear Reference Monitor was designed to have a flat curve--to be neutral--to be used as a studio reference monitor. I found this piece to be very resolving, and currently one of my favorites to turn to when evaluating gear further up the chain, as well as for listening for pleasure. As it was designed to be, I find the In-Ear Reference Monitor virtually uncolored, which brings with it its own flavor of fun. As might be expected from something intended to be used as a studio reference monitor, the UE In-Ear Reference Monitor's imaging is wide for an IEM, yet very precise. The UE In-Ear Reference Monitor starts at $999.00, and I suspect it will be one of the most popular custom IEMs in the coming year.
  • Westone ES5. It might be fairly said that Westone was last to the custom IEM game with what I'll call a latest-generation piece, but their effort paid off. The ES5 was introduced at CanJam 2010 in Chicago, and it is now starting to make big waves in the rarified world of bespoke IEMs. More on the neutral side--though not as dead-flat as the UE In-Ear Reference Monitor--the ES5 is highly resolving, and an amazing all-'rounder. I also find Westone's heat-activated tips (that soften at body temperature) makes the ES5 the most comfortable custom IEM I've yet worn (not to mention the most isolating custom I've yet worn). The Westone ES5 starts at $900.00.
  • Westone 1. Of all the IEMs I've used (universal-fit and custom), none can match the Westone universals for comfort while laying one's head down, as the earpiece bodies of all the Westone univerals I've used sit deeper than flush with the ear. And every Westone universal I've heard so far also sounds exceedingly good at its price point, so, even if your budget is higher than the Westone 1's price, look at the other Westone universal-fit IEMs. MSRP $199.99.
  • Monster Cable Turbine Pro (Copper Edition). This IEM (often referred to simply as "The Copper" in our forums) is so far the best sounding headphone from Monster Cable, to my ears. It is also among my favorite of the vast universal-fit IEM heap. Fun and resolving is how I'd describe The Copper--I enjoy it a lot. Easy to drive, and scales up with good gear. MSRP $399.95.
  • Bowers & Wilkins P5. B&W's first headphone, the P5 is the only over-ear headphone I've ever carried with me pretty much everywhere. With a sound signature tailored for mobile use (as opposed to straight reference listening), very good passive noise isolation, and one of the most durable builds I've yet seen in a portable headphone, the P5 is almost perfect in its execution for what it was designed for--being used on-the-go. With its included microphone/control cable, it can be used as a headset with an iPhone, too (and will control iPhones and the later-generation iPods). I'll be posting a review of the P5 this coming weekend on Head-Fi. MSRP $299.95.
  • SHURE SE425. SHURE's SE425 is their latest-generation two-driver-per-side universal-fit IEM. The SE425 has all the richness and detail SHURE has become known for, and it's not surprising that the SE425 is a popular choice for pro audio applications. The new 360-degree rotating cable plugs on the SE425 make for a more comfortable, tangle-free cable, compared to most other IEMs I've used. The durable SHURE "olive" foam tips make the SE425 very comfortable and very isolating. MSRP $349.99.
  • HiFiMAN RE-262. This is the best of the RE family of earphones so far, with more extended bass and a more balanced output, to my ears, than its predecessor. I've found the RE262 to be a great match for the HiFiMAN digital players (HM-601/602 and HM-801). It's also matches up well with my portable rigs with dedicated amps, and also with the VentureCraft GO-DAP (see below). With its 150-ohm impedance, the RE-262 is best suited for use with these dedicated amps, so keep that in mind. The RE-262 is so new I can't yet find it on the Head-Direct website. I believe MSRP will be around $249.00.
  • Sennheiser PMX 680 Sports. Yes, it sounds good--so do a lot of other headphones by Sennheiser. But unlike my other headphones, I sweat all over my PMX 680 Sports, and then rinse it under running water. It doesn't fall off--or even budge--when I exercise, and yet it's very comfortable. For those who wear their iPods in an armband while exercising, the two-part cable can be quickly shortened to the perfect length for that. The styling by adidas is very cool. The Sennheiser PMX680 Sports is my #1 recommendation for exercise headphones. MSRP $79.95.
  • Etymotic MC5. I heard the MC5 at at CanJam 2010 (Chicago), and was mightily impressed. Etymotic calls the MC5 "The world's most accurate noise-isolating earphones under $100." I was surprised to hear a bit more bass emphasis than I might expect from something bearing the Etymotic name, but I found it done well, and considered it a positive MC5 trait. Etymotic's claim for the MC5 is a bold one, but the MC5 certainly does sound exceptionally good for $79.00.

Dec 6, 2010

Travel Gadgets slide show by

Today I came across a slide show list of travel gadgets posted on Travel Gadgets: Digital Luggage Scale and More  This list caught my eye as it lists a few of the items that I have posted about previously and really like as travel gadgets. First one on the list is the digital luggage scale. In my most recent posts, (Travel tech blogger without a gadget, til now) I mentioned that I finally got one of my own and it is one of the best peace of mind travel gadgets that I acquired. The list also lists earphones as good travel gadget. In one of the older posts, Noise canceling headphones - life saver for travelers?,  I listed many benefits of having these around on a trip. I love music. Especially when it helps me tune out and get things done and also enjoy some great sounds. Gorilla pod is another of my fav travel gadgets that appears on the list and that I have used and can say is a great invention for traveling with smaller cameras. On our most recent trip, it was great being able to snap pictures of the two of us without necessarily having to ask for pictures from strangers with questionable photography skills and we could also make many takes without being annoying :)
An interesting gadget that I saw on the list was the Bottle Armor. It protects a bottle of wine or other glass bottles while traveling. Bottle Armor is made of durable leak-proof nylon with a layer of protective padding protects bottles in your checked luggage. It even includes a corkscrew and is reusable. As someone who has experienced many times trying to wrap that bottle in anything possible so it would survive the trip home, I think this might be good travel take-along when going on wine trails, picnic, or a party and bringing a bottle to a dinner.
Though I don't know about the Lucha Libre mask travel tag and the silk travel pouch. Mighty a bit of a stretch there for cool travel gadgets...
What do you think?

Travel Gadgets