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Dec 6, 2010

Travel Gadgets slide show by

Today I came across a slide show list of travel gadgets posted on Travel Gadgets: Digital Luggage Scale and More  This list caught my eye as it lists a few of the items that I have posted about previously and really like as travel gadgets. First one on the list is the digital luggage scale. In my most recent posts, (Travel tech blogger without a gadget, til now) I mentioned that I finally got one of my own and it is one of the best peace of mind travel gadgets that I acquired. The list also lists earphones as good travel gadget. In one of the older posts, Noise canceling headphones - life saver for travelers?,  I listed many benefits of having these around on a trip. I love music. Especially when it helps me tune out and get things done and also enjoy some great sounds. Gorilla pod is another of my fav travel gadgets that appears on the list and that I have used and can say is a great invention for traveling with smaller cameras. On our most recent trip, it was great being able to snap pictures of the two of us without necessarily having to ask for pictures from strangers with questionable photography skills and we could also make many takes without being annoying :)
An interesting gadget that I saw on the list was the Bottle Armor. It protects a bottle of wine or other glass bottles while traveling. Bottle Armor is made of durable leak-proof nylon with a layer of protective padding protects bottles in your checked luggage. It even includes a corkscrew and is reusable. As someone who has experienced many times trying to wrap that bottle in anything possible so it would survive the trip home, I think this might be good travel take-along when going on wine trails, picnic, or a party and bringing a bottle to a dinner.
Though I don't know about the Lucha Libre mask travel tag and the silk travel pouch. Mighty a bit of a stretch there for cool travel gadgets...
What do you think?

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