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May 31, 2011

New Cool Gadget Find of Today: Wrist watches making a comeback?

I have a great time piece by Fossil that I have had for quite a few years. Actually since I finished high school as that was a graduation present to myself. And until a couple of years ago I would not have gone anywhere without it. However, I have not worn the watch in quite awhile since, like most folks these days, I always have the phone with me to tell me the time. This new watch/gadget might be changing that.
Fossil is looking to make wrist watches relevant once again with their new model Metawatch, that will be available in stores in July 2011.
There are two models, one analog/digital with two 16x80 white OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays and digital with 96x96 reflective/always on display technology. The analog watch has two hands, and the 2 screens appear above and below that can show updates and information. The digital watch has a reflective LCD face that can display just about anything, but only in black and white.
The Metawatches use Bluetooth technology to sync with the phone and are able to display email notifications, Twitter/Facebook updates, and other short messages. They also have a rechargeable battery.


Metawatch press release:

Meta WatchTM offers developers freedom to start their own wrist revolution

Richardson, TX, May 3, 2011 - Meta WatchTM is proud to announce a wearable development system that enables rapid development of 'connected-watch' applications. With Meta Watch, developers can quickly and easily extend the interfaces of devices and applications to the wrist. The Meta Watch platforms utilize embedded Bluetooth® technology to connect to smartphones, tablets and other electronics devices. The Meta Watch SDK/API makes it easy for the watch to display information from mobile applications or Internet services. For complete information, visit

Meta Watch platforms are available in analog digital or digital versions, and include: a 3 ATM water resistant stainless steel case; leather strap; mineral glass crystal; vibrating motor; three-axis accelerometer, and ambient light sensor. Optimized for low-power operation, both watch platforms are based on the MSP430TM ultra-low-power microcontroller and CC2560 Bluetooth host controller interface solution from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI).

"Meta Watch makes our everyday mobile experience much better by enabling us to view important mobile notifications at the right time with virtually no effort", said Bill Geiser, Vice President Watch Technology, Fossil. "Of course, you can get this information today, but it requires many different steps. Meta Watch simply makes it more convenient and, in the process, it opens the door to new partnerships like we have with TI and a growing network of development partners."

"TI welcomes the opportunity to work with the Meta Watch team on creating a new channel for the community, and to helping developers push the watch's capabilities to the next level," said Eran Sandhaus, Director of marketing, wireless connectivity solutions, TI. "TI's MSP430 ultra-low-power microcontroller and CC2560 Bluetooth host controller interface provide a solid foundation for the next- generation, connected devices based on the Meta Watch's sleek form factor. We look forward to seeing the Meta Watch community flourish with ideas for wearable technology that will spark new consumer experiences for years to come."

Why good to have on a trip:
- easily view messages, emails and notifications without taking out the phone
- safety, no need to display your expensive phone/gadget
- a reason to keep wearing a wrist watch

May 3, 2011

Travel essentials for easy travel by frequent flyers

6 essential items to ease your travel experience

article by By William Bailey from Budget Travel

The folks on this list have quite an extensive travel itineraries and a whole lot of miles under their belts. In the article the provide some of the essential travel items that they always take a long on their journey. I found this post very interesting as it included some of our favorite items to take a long as well.

Matthew Kleinosky, one of the travelers on the list, always has a water filter with him while traveling as well as a water bottle.

From another frequent traveler: "My first aid kit and my Swiss Army knife (in checked bags): I've used the knife to open items, to eat, and for other useful functions..."

Another one takes along earplugs to tune out "loud, unhappy children." While that is great, I like to not only tune out but also tune into some enjoyable relaxing music. And that is where noise-canceling headphone come in handy as they do both and work great to get you through the flight, train ride, or just the wait for both.

Did You Know?:
Be a Packing Genius: Step-by-Step Photos

Apr 19, 2011

Top 25 GIfts Under $50 - a list from Laptopmag of cool gadgets for travel and other gift ideas

Our favorites:

Bedol Water Clock
For the jaded gadget geek who thinks he's seen everything, this 6.5-inch clock runs on H20. It converts ions from ordinary tap water into electrical power that'll keep the hands spinning for three months or more before a refill is needed.
Why good to have on a trip:
- no batteries.
- water available in most countries, even if not clean or drinkable

Belkin Conserve Valet
Kill four volt-sucking chargers at once with this four-device USB smart-charging station. Once all your gadgets are fully juiced, the Valet shuts down so no power is drained needlessly. To eliminate spaghetti cables, the cords wrap around the unit itself.
Why good to have on a trip:
- less wires and less plugs
- keeps your gadgets powered up all at the same time

Energizer Energi To Go SP1000
All you need is light--artificial or solar--to keep this portable charger full and, therefore, any cell phone or MP3 player powered. The 1000-mAh lithium polymer battery can be solar-filled up to 500 times, and two free TipFit connectors a year from Energizer.
Why good to have on a trip:
- light is available, especially when traveling to warm sunny destination
- keeps all the gadgets charged

Naftali Easy2Pick Wireless Luggage Finder System
For all those with lookalike black luggage, this wireless tag system alerts forgetful loved ones via a blinking red LED on the keychain when their bag is within 90 feet - on the carousel someplace. It also works in reverse: Use the luggage tag to help locate lost keys.
Why good to have on a trip:
- no straining neck to look for luggage on carousel
- no picking up strangers luggage just because it looks like yours
- find luggage and/or keys

ThinkGeek Guitar Shirt
Seriously, it's a T-shirt with a playable guitar on it. Connect a shirt to a belt-clipped amp/speaker (four AAA), or jack into to a real amp. The guitar neck detaches like Velcro for washing. There are also drum and keyboard shirts coming to complete your T-shirt family band.
Why good to have on a trip:
- its fun and could be cool

Apr 11, 2011

10 Travel Gadgets for the warm weather travel

10. Digital Luggage Scale - an essential gadget for today's traveler. Take the guesswork out of packing and avoid paying extra fees by finding out luggage weight before check-in.

9. Charging pad - lets you charge multiple electronics at once without having to plug all of them in an outlet. Only the charging pad gets plugged in and all other gadgets are placed on top of it. The devices are charged using inductive charging. It is a wireless charging method used for mid-sized items such as cell phones, MP3 players and PDAs.

8. Joby Gorilla pod - Gorillapod is a very bendy tripod composed of more than two dozen plastic “leg joints” that once connected to your camera’s tripod mount hole can be twisted around and secured to virtually any surface

7. Noise canceling headphones - Music just makes the day go faster and helps you immerse in your own world and your relaxation.
more here:
Gadget that would be considered a must have by frequent travelers
Noise canceling headphones - life saver for travelers?

6. Swiss Army knife - its a classic multi-tool. Everything you need and more within one device. Now it also comes with tech gadgets such as USB, flashlight, digital clock and thermometer. (Traveller Lite)

5. Reusable water bottle - keeps you hydrated during the trip, keeps the liquid cool, and can be used over and over instead buying and carrying multiple water bottle. Hence these bottles save money space and weight. And they also help save our planet.
How to take care of reusable water bottle
Review of the Best BPA-Free Water Bottles
Green travel: how to ditch the plastic water bottle

4. First aid kit -
Good items to include in the kit are:
•first-aid manual
•sterile gauze
•adhesive tape and bandages in several sizes
•antiseptic wipes
•antibiotic cream/solution (triple-antibiotic ointment)
•hydrocortisone cream (1%)
•acetaminophen and ibuprofen
•sharp scissors
•safety pins
•disposable instant cold packs
•calamine lotion
•alcohol wipes or ethyl alcohol
•plastic gloves (at least 2 pairs)

3. Digital Camera - an essential gadget on any trip. A good camera will give you great resolution shots and memories

2. E-reader - These gadgets hold multiple books and magazines within one small light package. No more dragging multiple heavy books on a trip. They also come with wi-fi and a web browser included.

1. Smartphone - Built in gps, cameras, emailing and texting, Apps with maps, directions, games, reviews and recommendations. Needless to say these phones make a great companion on any trip.

Did You Know?:
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Mar 29, 2011

Gadget that would be considered a must have by frequent travelers

This morning I came across a review on that talks about active noise canceling headphones and that this gadget would be something that is at the top of the list of things to take along on flight by most frequent fliers. As I have been raving about headphones as a great feature to have on a trip or otherwise, I think this would be an interesting read as they go in depth on how this headphones actually work to cancel out the outside noise

"Review: Denon AH-NC800 active noise canceling headphones"

Why good to have on trip:
- reduce the whoosh of airplanes' air-conditioning systems
- tune out snoring neighbors
- tune out kid noise
- just tune out
- no need to crank up the volume, leads to reduced ear fatigue

SeatGuru also has a pretty good review of headphones for traveling: Noise-Cancelling Headphones Review

Mar 2, 2011

USB Universal Charger: No More Dead Devices

"About the size of a stick of gum, the Powerstick USB Charger is a self-contained charger that fits most mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, Kindles, digital cameras and MP3 players. In fact, if your device has a micro- or mini-USB port, Powerstick can charge it." ..
Full article:
USB Universal Charger: No More Dead Devices

Feb 25, 2011

Cool Find of Today: How Do Noise Reducing Headphones Work?

As a follow up to several posts (More on making travel fun with cool headphones,Travel gadgets for the frugal traveler, Traveling in comfort, Noise canceling headphones - life saver for travelers?) about headphones and especially about noise reducing headphones that make travel oh so much better, here is an article that explains different types of headphones available and how they work to reduce outside unnecessary noise:
HTG Explains: How Do Noise Reducing Headphones Work?

Did you know that listening to music can make you more productive?
- studies done by F. F. Cripe (1986) , L. Morton, J. Keshner and L. Seigel 1990) that conclude that music with a prominent beat stimulates an increased arousal in students which overrides the effect of environmental distractors…repetitive beat produces a reduction in muscle tension, thus reducing hyperactivity… (there was) significant reduction in distractability among students after being exposed to music. Short term memory was also beneficially affected by having to listened to music

Feb 17, 2011

25 travel gadgets under $25

25 travel gadgets under $25

This list includes some of the T&TG favorites such as:

RingerWraps - clear, disposable protective sleeves that allow you to use the touchscreen on phones and other devices

Safetytats - this one is a new find for us. SafetyTats are temporary tattoos that read 'If Lost, Please Call' and includes a space to write a parent's or guardian’s phone number.

MicciMicci Snapback Bags

Digital Luggage Scale - an essential gadget for today's traveler

TuGo Cup Holder