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Nov 28, 2016

Top Gadgets Liked By Our Travelers

Top Gadgets Liked By Our Travelers

Garmin Vivofit JR. - Digi Camo

Garmin Vivofit JR. - Digi Camo

Why good to have on a trip:
» 1+ year battery life, no need to recharge while traveling
» Kid-tough - easy to put on, the 1-size-fits-most, nonstaining
» Tracks steps, sleep and 60 minutes of daily recommended activity
» Free app includes fun and educational mobile adventures for kids and chore/behavior management for parents

Garmin vĂ­vosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit

Nov 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Travel Cheat Sheet

Thanksgiving Travel Cheat Sheet

As security measures ramp up around the holidays with higher volumes of travelers, and with pat-downs and new scans, navigating packed airports and overbooked flights just got a bit dicier. Expect that you'll have lots of company in your quest to share a turkey dinner with relatives

Best place to go during the Thanksgiving Holiday? Overseas. There, they don't care about Thanksgiving. If you travel directly, you are likely to experience minute crowds compared to domestic travel.


Call to confirm
Delayed or canceled flights are a major cause of holiday stress. Call the airlines within 24 hours of departure to confirm your flight information. You can also sign up for text and email alerts about flight delays and cancellations from your airline.

Nov 17, 2016

How To Never Be Late Again When Traveling

How To Never Be Late Again When Traveling

Traveling for business, you know you have to be up at certain times to make your meetings. Or make sure you are notified of an upcoming meeting. This is especially important if you are traveling across time zones as your internal clock will be thrown off.

Traveling for leisure, you might think I am on vacation, why do I need to get with an alarm. On most days, I would hope you do not. If you have any activities planned, looking to do some sightseeing, or have reservations, you will need to keep track of the time.

Nov 14, 2016

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Travel and Gadgets

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Travel and Gadgets

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Nov 11, 2016

Start Your Holiday Shopping With Black Friday Deals Previews

Black Friday Deals Previews Live Now

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black friday deals

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Nov 10, 2016

All Of The Great How To's for iOS 10

All Of The Great How To's for iOS 10

iOS 10 -  with the newest update for iPhone's operating system, there are quite a few new features that have been updated and added. To find out more about these changes and to take advantage of them, check out great resources below:

How to Get Siri to Announce Incoming Calls with iOS 10

How to keep your iPhone from tracking your location in iOS 10

Nov 7, 2016

Traveling During the Cold Season - What to Take and Do

Traveling During the Cold Season -
What to Take and Do

Every year in America alone, there will be more than 1 billion colds reported, resulting in more than 50 million missed workdays along with 60 million school days. And you see the news reports, school notices, and health alerts about cold and flu season. Why is it this time of the year? The answer is in how cold and flu viruses spread.
The “cold season” begins in November when the number of reported colds and flu illnesses rises sharply and remains elevated until late April. This is the case for North America. In the opposite hemisphere, the season has just passed. We keep passing colds back and forth across the hemispheres like the great, big, global family that we are. The main reason for it could be airplane travel.
A Harvard study found that domestic airline travel volume in November, especially around the Thanksgiving holiday, was an accurate indicator of how rapidly a flu virus would spread. The more air travelers there are, the higher are the rates for colds. The combination of drier air and people spending more time indoors enables the germs to survive during these times of the year and to migrate.
Cold weather doesn’t give you a cold. However, spending more time indoors causes you to breathe more germ-infested air, which likely contributes to why you get sick more often in the winter.

Travel Tips:

Nov 3, 2016

Autonomous Cars - The Ads Tell Us Why We Need Them ASAP

Autonomous Cars - The Ads Tell Us Why We Need Them ASAP

The drivers don't pay attention and swerve across lanes
Driver does not notice cars stopped ahead
The driver is too distracted to react to a car cutting in front of him
Pulling out of a spot without looking around

The list goes on and on in the commercials of cars with automatic braking, lane departure, and other tech systems:

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