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Mar 15, 2021

iPhone 12 and the New Updates Good for Travel

New era for phones - 5G and MagSafe

I have done it. I moved into the next decade of phones. I have finally upgraded my iPhone 8 to iPhone 12. There is a major difference between these phones. And I am not even getting into the specs for each. iPhone 8 still had the physical home button and a black edge surrounding the screen. Both of these features went away starting from iPhone 10. We did not jump on the hype and upgrade until now. Similar to how I select travel gadgets for the posts on the site and for my travels, I also select my phones. I do a lot of research, find out what the early tech adopters say about them, check out useful features, and then use the devices and recommend them. This post may contain affiliate links, please read my disclosure here Here some of the new features of the iPhone 12 that are good for travel:

Alignment magnets
» In the rear of the phone are now alignment magnets. These magnets let you snap accessories to the back of the phone. Apple is releasing new accessories that work with this magnetic back, including new cases, a wireless charger, and a cardholder. You can find a lot of these MagSafe accessories already available on

MagSafe charger
» The new MagSafe magnetically attaches to your phone. The MagSafe dual charger supports both your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. It folds up when you travel

New Design
» The iPhone 12 is just 7.4mm thick, thanks to its new flat-edged design
» Considering the camera and other physical features that are part of this phone, it is a very good thickness for it that does not feel too bulky. 

Stronger Screen
» It has a “Ceramic Shield” screen that’s 4x more drop-resistant than previous iPhone screens.
» After hearing all of the issues with phones from X and on and their screen, I am glad that the one I finally upgraded to has a stronger screen than predecessors. With kids around and when traveling, there are plenty of bumps and falls. 

mmWave 5G
» iPhone 12s offer mmWave 5G, which is the fastest form of the new 5G wireless standard. Previous iPhones lacked 5G connectivity, and only “premium” Android phones pack lightning-fast mmWave 5G.

Camera Update
» The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini have a two-camera array that’s similar to the iPhone 11. The big change here is the improved 1.6 aperture Wide camera with True-Tone Flash. The iPhone 12 and 12 Mini can also record at 4K 30FPS with Dolby Vision HDR.

Display Update
» Apple packed the iPhone 12 with an amazing OLED HDR display. It’s the first iPhone to feature such technology. The iPhone 12 is also brighter than previous iPhones, hitting 625 nits during typical use and 1200 nits with HDR.

USB power adapters or headphones are not included with iPhone 12
» Instead, the new iPhone will include a USB-C to lightning cable, which plugs into most Apple laptop power adapters sold since 2016
» To plug a new iPhone 12 directly into the wall, consumers will need to buy a separate USB-C power adapter. Anker has a solution for that it just released: an upgraded wall charger that has a 20-watt adapter for faster charging.

» Make Sure Your New iPhone Has The Power it Needs

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