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Jun 22, 2020

Weekend Family Travels - Park Sanctuaries Lakes BBQ Travel

weekend family travel

Family outdoor travel during the lockdown

We are continuing our family getaways even if they are not far from home. This way we get out of the four walls. Get some fresh air. Stretch our legs, minds, and lungs. And even get some exercise.

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Strawberry picking trip:
It is a relatively early season this year for strawberry picking. A lot of the farms have opened up and are looking for people to come to gather some berries. The main reason is that they are going bad faster due to too much rain in the last few months leading up to harvest. While rain is great for crop to grow, strawberries love sunshine and get redder and ripen as they are warmed up with the rays. We got some great ones in our basket. Though there were quite a few that were overripe or those that started to go bad as they were transported. 

The strawberry farm also makes and sells their own strawberry ice cream. It is delicious! 
It has actual strawberries in it.

The kiddo gets milky on trips, but not ice cream. For now, we only need split 3 ways, but soon he will be licking it up as well. 

There were some animals on hand as well. They were more than happy to grab some food and even some strawberries from kids. 

Trip to preserved marshlands:
There is a lot of greenery around and a few people. This makes it a great place for family getaway while observing social distancing. We did meet a few folks, but they were all cognitive of the space and tried, just as we did, to keep a distance away. For the most part, it was just us and nature on the walk. 

Safety first. To find out more about how to stay safe while traveling see How To Travel Safe & Stay Healthy During Virus Outbreaks.

family travel covid virus staying safe

Family outing to the park and some summer barbecuing


Taylor said...

Looks like alot of fun. Has me in the mood to do our own family weekend trips! Thanks :)

Denise & Ryne said...

This sounds like a wonderful family trip guys! Great advice ☺️

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