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Aug 13, 2018

SIM Cards That Tie You Down Are Going Away

New SIM Cards and Phone Let You Travel Freeer

That is freer between different countries and also different cell service carriers.

When traveling, your top go-to travel gadget is the smartphone. To make it usable and functioning when you are traveling internationally all of the travel experts and expats would tell you to get a SIM (subscriber identity module) card at your destination. It is a great travel tip as the cards at location tend to be cheaper and also are a lot more likely to work with the local cell service providers.

Not for long.

Jul 9, 2018

Genius Gadgets to Make Your Next the Best Road Trip

Genius Gadgets to Make Your Next the Best Road Trip (click to tweet)

Guest post by Jane Isherwood, a freelance writer

In the year 2015, 22 percent of vacations undertaken by American families was road travel. A year later, the figure jumped to 39 percent as reflected by a recent study on American tourism by MMGY Global. And, the trend is getting stronger than ever – thanks to cutting-edge road trip gadgets which are redefining road journeys bringing onboard unlimited options for entertainment on the go. When there’s been enough of staring out of the window with conversations growing stale and traffic jams beginning to test your patience, you will thank the smart gadgets you brought with you for your rescue.

Jul 2, 2018

Travel Tips: Why You Should Never Put Your Passport in Your Carry-on (Video)

Travel Tips: Why You Should Never Put Your Passport in Your Carry-on (Video) (click to tweet)

Jun 25, 2018

Travel Advisory: It Is Illegal In Europe To Use Walkie-Talkies

It is often illegal in Europe to use walkie-talkies(click to tweet)

I had no idea until I read this article and did some research. Read on for more information on traveling to Europe and using these communication devices.

Apr 16, 2018

The Dangers of Free Wi-Fi and How To Protect Yourself

Travel and WiFi They Go Together

Travel and WiFi go together, but it also brings a lot of danger when you are at home or traveling.

Apr 5, 2018

Top Travel Tech Gadgets Posts Of The Month - March

Top Travel Tech Gadgets Posts Of The Month - March

One More Thing To Cross Off the Bucket List

Part of my Bucket List was to make a clay pot. It is #85 on the list. As of this week, I can now cross it off

Mar 26, 2018

How to Backup Your Priceless Photos While Traveling

How to Backup Your Priceless Photos While Traveling

On March 31st, it is the World Backup Day. It is a reminder to make sure you back up all of your important data be it on a computer, phone, or any other electronic device

Did you know:
30% of people have never backed up

Jan 18, 2018

New Travel Requirements At Airports This Year

ID Requirements For Travel Are Changing

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) will begin posting signs at airports notifying travelers that beginning January 22nd, 2018 it will start enforcing REAL ID requirements at airport security checkpoints, meaning that travelers seeking to use their state-issued driver’s license or identification card for boarding commercial aircraft may only use such documents if they are issued by a REAL ID compliant state or a non-compliant state with an extension. Before you travel, make sure to check if your state ID qualifies on the map below.

Dec 25, 2017

How To Tips For Making Video Of Your Two-Week Trip

The secret of making 180-sec video travelogues of a two-week trip

This is a guest post by Helen Clark from
A blog post that discusses the best ways to condense your two-week trip into a 180-second travelogue

Nov 6, 2017

Tips For A Great International Family Trip

Tips For A Great International Family Trip

There’s no way to replicate or replace a good family vacation: It’s an opportunity to build bonds, share experiences, create memories, and draw closer. And it’s helpful for kids to see the world outside of their own homes, too. But the logistics of international travel can be daunting to some families—how do you do it and do it well without stressing (or at least with as little stress as possible)? There are some smart planning things to do ahead of time, and some travel tips that offer solid advice, too. For starters, see what the country requirements are for your entry—at least a passport and maybe a visa, too. If you or family members don’t have passports, build in the right amount of time so that you can get one—at least six weeks if possible.
What else is helpful when planning a family international trip? This graphic can help.

Sep 14, 2017

6 Common Travel Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

And How To Avoid Them (click to tweet)

When traveling, things happen. By preparing ahead of time you can avoid some of the most common mistakes travelers make:

Aug 14, 2017

Travel Hacks: How to make the most of what you carry

travel hacks

Travel hacks: How to make the most of what you carry (click to tweet)
Guest post by Connor MacDonald from

travel hacks

The water is warm, the days are longer, and we all get the best excuse to take a few days off from work—it’s Summer! Hopefully, you’ve been lucky enough to have escaped your office for a few days to hit the road, catch a flight, and just get away.

So before you pack up your bags for a weekend getaway, let’s talk about what you’re bringing. Because let’s remember, vacation isn’t about going there it’s about being there. The last thing you want is to have to worry about dragging that bulky luggage through the airport or showing up to your destination dangerously under-packed.

Jun 5, 2017

Summer Travel Tips And Gadgets: Staying Safe In The Sun

Summer Travel Tips And Gadgets (click to tweet)


» Good idea to wear especially during warmer months when the sun rays reach the Earth a lot more
» Even when it is cloudy, it is a good idea to wear sunscreen

May 1, 2017

This Event Will Not Happen Again For 28 Years, Time To Travel

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Update: Did you get glasses to watch the eclipse? You don't have to just throw them out. You can donate your eclipse glasses to schools outside the U.S. Astronomers Without Borders is offering to collect them ahead of eclipses in South America and Asia.

On August 21, 2017, there will be a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse that has not been seen in nearly 100 years. The next total solar eclipse over North America will be on April 8, 2024. An eclipse with a similar path across U.S. will not be back until August of 2045.
It is estimated that between 1.5 million and 5 million people may travel into the path of the eclipse.

What Is An Eclipse?

Feb 23, 2017

Good To Know For Travel: Baggage Guidelines Infographic

Good To Know For Travel: Baggage Guidelines Infographic (click to tweet)

Feb 20, 2017

7 Tips for Traveling with Tech Gadgets

7 Tips for Traveling with Tech Gadgets

1. Pack Light
How much technology do you need to lug along with you? It’s heavy. It might get damaged. Or stolen. Before you load your laptop, tablet, phone, and camera, think about what you’ll be doing with all that gear on your trip. A phone and tablet might be more than adequate for some of the trips. Especially if you are planning to do more leisure than work. And if you’re not planning on doing a lot reading, maybe just a Kindle is all you need instead of a laptop.

Jan 12, 2017

Why You Should Never Instagram Your Boarding Pass

Why You Should Never Instagram Your Boarding Pass

Or Facebook, or tweet, or post a picture of it on any other social media site. Boarding pass has a lot of traveler’s personal details on it. All of it contained within the pass's barcode. By using technology (there are even websites that will decode it for you) to read that barcode, someone can get access to your full name, future flight information, frequent flier number, address, and more.

You shouldn’t put pictures of it on the internet. That’s true even after the flight itself has taken place since a lot of personal detail is still extractable.
The information on your boarding pass can provide access to other confidential information, and it can allow someone else to cancel your booking. Steve Hui decided to demonstrate how easy it can be to access a stranger’s information by using a photo of a boarding pass. The traveler who posted the photo was flying on Delta Airlines, so Hui headed to the “Manage My Booking” section of Delta’s website. All the site required was the passenger’s name and the booking reference or ticket number, which was printed right on the boarding pass. Using this information, Hui was able to see all of the passenger’s details, including their travel itinerary, frequent flyer details, and the last four digits of their credit card number.

With this information, an unscrupulous person can change future flights’ seats, cancel the flights altogether and even reset the airline account so that the original account holder is no longer able to access it.

Nov 7, 2016

Traveling During the Cold Season - What to Take and Do

Traveling During the Cold Season -
What to Take and Do

Every year in America alone, there will be more than 1 billion colds reported, resulting in more than 50 million missed workdays along with 60 million school days. And you see the news reports, school notices, and health alerts about cold and flu season. Why is it this time of the year? The answer is in how cold and flu viruses spread.
The “cold season” begins in November when the number of reported colds and flu illnesses rises sharply and remains elevated until late April. This is the case for North America. In the opposite hemisphere, the season has just passed. We keep passing colds back and forth across the hemispheres like the great, big, global family that we are. The main reason for it could be airplane travel.
A Harvard study found that domestic airline travel volume in November, especially around the Thanksgiving holiday, was an accurate indicator of how rapidly a flu virus would spread. The more air travelers there are, the higher are the rates for colds. The combination of drier air and people spending more time indoors enables the germs to survive during these times of the year and to migrate.
Cold weather doesn’t give you a cold. However, spending more time indoors causes you to breathe more germ-infested air, which likely contributes to why you get sick more often in the winter.

Travel Tips:

Oct 24, 2016

Best Time To Travel Is Right Before The Storm

Best Time To Travel Is Right Before The Storm

Experts predict a slightly more active hurricane season in 2016. While this is something to keep in mind, it should not dampen your travel plans.

Aug 1, 2016

How To Watch 2016 Olympic Games in Rio

How To Watch 2016 Olympic Games in Rio

Olympic Games are truly a world stage. If there is one thing that represents the world and tourism it is the games. Competitors come to these games from all over the planet.

Did You Know?
For two weeks during the games all wars and other things are stopped. It is called the Olympic Truth. "The Olympic Truce is a tradition originating from Ancient Greece that dates back to 778 BC in the 8th century BC. A Truce was announced before and during the Olympic Games to ensure the host city-state (Elis) was not attacked and athletes and spectators could travel safely to the Games and peacefully return to their respective countries. During the Truce period (lasting up to three months), wars were suspended, armies were prohibited from threatening the Games, legal disputes were stopped, and death penalties were forbidden." Wikipedia